$kinny, Swizz Beatz and French Montana - Salam

Lyrics $kinny, Swizz Beatz and French Montana - Salam. Watch the clip and listen online $kinny, Swizz Beatz and French Montana - Salam.

Hook (Swizz Beatz)
Asalamu alaykom x4
Wa alaykom asalam x4
My habibi habibty habibi
My habibti habibi habibty
Verse 1 ($kinny)
Word to my dog my G’z I need another one
All of my cars got speed just like I’m on the run
Mouth fulla gold my teeth feel like the golden one
Ama get the cash u let the motor run
All black wagon with the white seats
Iced out yeah bitch I might be
Nah I don’t give a fuck if u don’t like me
Keep a few shooters call em spike lee
Keep a few cougars on the lock down
Keep a few rugers on me yeah bitch
I’m hot now 100k way before the plane even touchdown
Glad to say I did it first Swizzy what up now


Verse 2 (French Montana)
Habibi Habiti that strap in my CK
Young leader with leeway
Like OJ on the freeway, speedin
Down the third lane lamb turbo leaving
Like Frank Lucas burned the fur coat tweaking
First Muslim with the round the world flow achieved it
Immigrated then gave the world ho
Crib on the cliff like china with great wall
Got haters in Niagra that want to see the great fall
Pray and stand on my ways who I pray for
Pyramids in Egypt to the F1 race cars
Assalm alaikom is the Middle East symphony
Milli for a show need the cash fly it in for me


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