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[Verse 1: BIA]
Pricey, pricey, pricey, he wanna fuck 'cause I'm icy (Ah, ah)
He never met no one like me
It's pretty funny how now they all like me, innit?
This ain’t rented (Skrrt) straight from the plane I boarded
Maybe you can't afford it
I’m with my dawgs and we out in Shoreditch (Go, go)
Shoreditch, Shoreditch, Shoreditch
You got a shortage on your funds
And I got a long clip on my guns (Rrrah)
Sounds like fun, I got no shortage, I’m no bum
Reach for my pearls, and, you done
Reach for the purses (Rrrah! Big bankroll, bitch)
Wearing designer, I’m in the future
I got a future, I’m in a new truck
I’m in the booth, yeah, drinkin' kombucha (Boom, boom, boom, boom)
Singin' with Smiley, speak of me highly
Tryna go Kylie, I woke up finally, suffer in silence, wakin' up violent
Checkin' the finance, choosin' the finest
That's the environment, I'm 'bout to time it (Rrrah)
I bought a Timex, AP, ooh, I'm checkin' my timin', ooh (Ah, ah)
Cleanin' my watch, cleanin' the top (Ah, ah, ah)
Gettin' my job, I got a job (Rrrah)
Kickin', kickin', kickin', drop man (Cash)
Nike, Nike, very good check, they like me (Cash)
Mans tell me he like me, he wanna fuck me, very likely (Yes, haha)
Can't even honor it, man (I think that's true, I think that's true)
BIA, BIA, yeah

[Chorus: BIA & J. Cole]
I'm in London, I like to go and shop at the mall
Shop at the Prada, shop at the store
Shop in the tropics, stop at Dior (Ah, ah)
Louis Vuitton cover my toes
Throw on my trousers, look at my bricks
These are my tennis, look at my shoes (Look at my shoes)
Chrome Heart socks in sandals
Mans outside in Crocs in shambles (Damn)
Please quick talk, no ramble
Soon as they send their bread, I cancel, ooh (Ah, ah)
I like to tango, twistin' and tangle, testin' the angles (Rrah)
They absolutely adore me in London
Up in the bank though, I got the same goals
You with the same hoes, I like the bankroll (Uh)

[Verse 2: J. Cole]
Plane just landed, Heathrow, hop off the G4 standard
We see a opp, it's G-code, we blow his top, now he's volcanic
Please don't panic over my lingo, both of my feet so planted
Gold weddin' ring on my finger, but yet I'm still killin' 'em single-handed
Drum on the gun like I'm Ringo
I'm in this bitch with no chain like I'm Django
We from the ends where they know that they can't go
She go both ways so I'm tastin' the rainbow (Ha)
Yummy, they got no more bread, they're crummy
The same way that Melo was starin' at Rih is the way that I stare at the money
I'm ready to risk it all if I lift it, bet I won't miss it, you a statistic
Thought shit was sweet 'til we popped up and popped off the top of your mystic
I go ballistic
Hopped out a drop, got the drop on an opp, now I'm opportunistic
I like to shop in the District
Coppin' this, coppin' that, I'm proper capitalistic, uh
Dreamer, Dreamer runnin' the game in my signature trainers
Balenciaga for joggers, I might just wear Crocs at the O2 arena
Splendid, got no limits, should have a tank on my pendant
Blokes goin' broke tryna keep up with Cole, but I make it back soon as I spend it
Maybach tinted, "'Scuse me, sir, but ain't that rented?"
I'm offended, straight cash for my Benzes, we don't pay back interest
Aim at fences when I swing, pay respects and kiss my ring
Even Elizabeth said I'm king, haha (Well he's bloody well right, isn't he? Haha)
Why would I choose between this one or that one
When I know that I can have both?
I laugh at these rappers for cappin'
I guess T.I.P ain't the only one out here with jokes
Mans don't want smoke
I just don't understand
I don't even think they should be allowed to breathe the same air as him if you asked me

[Outro: BIA]
I'm in London, I like to go and shop at the mall
Shop at the Prada, shop at the store
Shop in the tropics, stop at Dior (Ah)

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