Post Malone - Let It Rain

Lyrics Post Malone - Let It Rain. Watch the clip and listen online Post Malone - Let It Rain.

Baby Just slow down x3,
They got you broke down x3,
The way that you carry yourself,
It seems like your screaming for help,
You need to take care of yourself,
You deserve to knew how that feels,
Sit back, take control of the wheel,
Don’t let them, control how you feel,
They have there, own demons to kill,
You have your own, dream to fulfill,

Go head, let them throw shade,
You will see a brighter day,
Knock you down and then the praise,
It’ll be all okay, baby let it rain,

I know feel, misunderstood,
When things are not as good,
I know you need your space
From the world you need distance x2,

I Hope you know that you can call me,
When your room keeps spinning lean on me,
Ill bring you flowers when you’re lonely,
Cause If you need me there I’m on my way to you,
Sipping liquor out the bottle with you, yea
love for you is the only thing I won’t loose, yea
Baby you know I got love for you

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