Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a famous Canadian music artist and an actor. He managed to gain a large fanbase without the help of a manager, but after starting a YouTube channel by himself.

Justin Bieber

Justin was born on the 1st of March 1994 in a city called London, that is located in Ontario, Canada. His parents were Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia Patty Mullet. They never got married, however both contributed to bringing Bieber up.

The music artist also has two sisters and a brother. His youngest sibling was his half-sister and was born in 2018.

Hobbies and interests during Justin Bieber’s childhood

From an early age he became interested in music and so taught himself to play several musical instruments, including piano, drums, guitar, and tube. He was also fond of sport and enjoyed playing golf, football, basketball, and hockey.

At the age of twelve he participated in a singing competition that was called “Stratford Idol” and managed to win the second place.

How Bieber managed to promote himself on social media

A video recording of Justin Bieber’s performance and all of his latter ones were uploaded to YouTube by his mother. Accidently, Scooter Brown, who was a producer of “So So Def”, came across the published videos and invited Bieber to participate in a demo-recording of a song. Soon a contract between RBMG and the artist was signed.

The artist’s musical career

After the successful contract, it was decided to compose Bieber’s first album. One of his most famous tracks “Baby” was written by Tricky Stuart and The Dream.

The first single was released in 2009 under the name of “One Time” which won a gold award in Australia and New Zealand and a platinum one in Canada. In December of the same year, Justin performed at the White House for the USA president

His life changed completely after the release of his first album “My World 2.0”, due to which he became well-known all around the world. After that, he had been invited to star in several films and series. Just in twelve months, Bieber earned an impressive amount of 53 million dollars. He received four different awards in the premium “Teen Choice Awards”. As well as that, Bieber was the first YouTuber to gain 2 billion views on his video.

His second album was released on the 1st of November and was called “Under the Mistletoe”. In under one week, 210 thousand copies were sold. Another disc appeared in music stores on 19th of June 2012 under the name “Believe”. The album was sold 370 thousand times in one week.

Justin Bieber went on a world-wide tour in the summer of the same year, which lasted for over a year. Towards the end of it, he announced that he shall be releasing ten new songs every week.

Scandals and problems with the law

During his career, several scandals were stirred up, in which Justin Bieber had the main part. There were a couple of cases, during which Bieber was caught driving while drunk, with an absence of a driver’s license or high. One of the most well-known ones was when he got detained due to the weed smell that he brought to the cabin of an airplane.

In one of the others, he was stopped by the police in 2014 for racing in a sport’s car. He was held at the police station until admitting to taking light drugs along with alcohol in advance to the race and paying 2500 dollars, so he could be released. On January 13th, 2014, a petition was made as a joke in which the USA citizens were voting for Justin Bieber to get deported back to Canada.

Another scandal took place after Justin Bieber initiated a fight with an actor, Orlando Bloom. It was assumed to take place because of an affair Bieber had with Miranda Kerr, who was Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife. However, the woman confirmed that she was not the reason the fight took place.

Justin Bieber’s love life

In order to prove all the rumors about him being gay wrong, Justin Bieber decided to exploit his relationships with different women in public.

One of the most harmonic and famous relationships he had was with Selena Gomez. They were highly supported by their fans, but after two years of dating they announced that they are breaking up. Even after that, they continued to appear in public together, but now as good friends. It is believed that Bieber cheated on his girlfriend.

Based on other hearsays, in 2012, he had an affair with a model Barbara Palvin, nevertheless the singer didn’t confirm nor deny any of them. Soon appeared whispers of Justin dating a singer Arianna Grande, but once again neither of them commented on the situation.

Starting from 2015, Bieber began seeing Hailey Boldwin, whom he had known for a long period of time starting from his childhood. She often accompanied him and has been on many trips with Justin. In spite of that, in 2017, Justin Bieber decided to renew his relationship with Selena Gomez.

Afresh, they didn’t stay together for long and soon Bieber was recommencing his affair with Hailey Boldwin. In summer 2018 they announced that they were getting engaged.

Their wedding took place in September of the same year and Hailey changed her surname to her husband’s. Due to an infection that Bieber caught, they had to make another wedding ceremony, which was more public and took place in South Carolina.

Justin Bieber right now

Lately, Justin Bieber and his wife started a TikTok account, on which they occasionally post videos of themselves. In 2021, due to self-isolation, he gave a life performance on the platform which was watched by 20 million of his fans. He was also invited to star in the reunion episode of a famous TV series “Friends”.

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