James Bay - Silent Love

Lyrics James Bay - Silent Love. Watch the clip and listen online James Bay - Silent Love.

I still got your t shirt
At home
From when everybody 
Stayed over
In the summer 
Now it’s cold 
And I still wanna let you know. 

I always found you
Through the crowd
But I never told you 
Out loud 
To everyone else I could speak
But with you I was tongue tied.

You will always spark the light 
Spark the light in me
You will always fuck me up the best
(You steal all my nights, all my nights from me)
You knew my name
All of your friends 
Knew what I felt
Was not pretend 
My heart was see-through.
I wanted to hold you
But I never told you. 

Silent love
It’s a silent love.
Silent love
Is a silent love.

I guess that you made it
And left town
Coz I never see you
Now I’m walking solo
(I’m so low)
To the places we used to go

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