James Bay - Better

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I grew up
Running from
The best of me.
And I’m still not sure just who I am
Supposed be
So hold me again 
Before I fall
Hold tight 
Hold tight 

I hung back
In the shadows & periphery.
And you took my hand through the 
bright lights when they blinded me.
You kissed me again
You pulled me in close
You smiled
So I smiled 

Coz everything’s better
As soon as you’re next to me
I know I fall apart 
But you fix me with your heart.
Everything’s better 
You’re there in the fight with me
And when I fail to start
You fix me with your hear-art. 

I grew up
Tryna hit - light speed 
But I lost my nerve when the big kids 
Kicked it out of me. 
You saved me the sin
Of getting lost in
My mind 
My mind.

Coz everything’s better… 

You’re fearless in defeat
You’re a dancer in the street 
And you look the deepest darkness in the eye.
We missed the last bus home
Found a park bench for a throne 
And the stars stayed out tonight.
And everything’s better
Everything’s better.

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