Foolio - Dead Opps Pt. 2

Lyrics Foolio - Dead Opps Pt. 2. Watch the clip and listen online Foolio - Dead Opps Pt. 2.

Ha, you already know what it is
Bow, bow, bow, bow
We back, nig*a
Gang gang, 6
I said I would chill but-
Get down
Rest up, Mitch
Dead Opps Part 2, nig*a, let's get it
brick baby, you know what's goin' on

7.62s will park yo' whip (Park yo' whip)
Told lil' bro I'm on that truck, that got his Tahoe flipped (Brr, bow)
In Miami with the Zoes, in Cali with the Crips (Them Zoes)
Rollin' 'round with 60 shots like, "F*ck it, rest up Nip" (Rollin', nigga)
New Draco, it's fresh out the store (Out the store)
At wasabi on his birthday, went up four for four (Four for four)
Meechy ran from them bullets, was too f*ckin' slow (Meechy)
They left big Desi whole chest on the f*ckin' floor (Desi)
This how it go, nig*a
Prosper as* dead (Damn) Quelo lost a leg (Damn)
Tayvon, he a vegetable, got shot all in the head (Goddamn)
All I see is rеd (Damn) 2nd street they scared (2nd)
Malcom died brokе, for his life, that nigga begged (Malcolm)
Jit, he a bitch (Bi*ch) Max felt that stick (Max)
They need to feel lil' Kaps 'cause Will he a snitch (Will he a snitch)
Tay felt that switch (Tay) Ben he a bi*ch (Ben)
I shot back at yo' nig*as, how the fuck y'all dropped yo' clip? (How you dropped yo' clip?)

I'm tryna creep up, park a ni*ga's car (Ni*ga's car)
John John Actafool, got hit all in his top (Damn)...

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