Ed Sheeran

Edward Christopher Sheeran was born on the 17th of February 1991 in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Ed Sheeran

Childhood and family

His father, John Sheeran was a professor of art, while his mother, Imogen, worked on creating her own jewelry. In his first years, Ed moved to Framlingham in Suffolk along with his parents and older brother Matthew, who later also became a composer of classical compositions.

Ed Sheeran’s grandparents from his father’s line were Irish, and most believe that he received the unordinary ginger hair color from them.

At the age of four, he joined the chapel choir and fell in love with music. Ed started to learn how to play several musical instruments early and was already composing by the time he reached high school. Often at the weekends he would visit concerts of famous artists with his family, which influenced him further into the world of music and inspired him to thrive. Sheeran was amazed by the legendary performances presented by Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Eminem, and Paul McCartney.

First releases

The music artist was only fourteen years old when he released his first mini-album under the name of “The Orange Room”. Over the course of the next two years, he came up with another two discs that held a similar structure to his first one: they were called “Ed Sheeran” and “Want some?”. At the age of seventeen Ed Sheeran gave his first live performance with the band “Nizlopi”.

Straight after that, he moved to London. There he gained large amounts of popularity and started performing every day. By the year 2009, he has already been seen at 312 concerts. In some of those, he collaborated with other artists such as Just Jack, Leddra Chapman and a rapper, who goes by the name “Example”.

In 2010 he decided to visit USA even though no contract was offered or signed. It is due to his enormous ambition that he managed to succeed and promote his music. Having done that, he attracted the attention of James Fox, who invited Ed Sheeran to take part in his radio show.

As the number of fans grew, Ed Sheeran was offered a contract by “Atlantic Records”. Straight after that he began working on his album “+”.

The main single called “The A Team” became a world-wide hit. He got the inspiration for the song after visiting a shelter house for the homeless.

While developing his next album, he managed to work with many famous music artists and groups, such as “The Rolling Stones” and “Snow Patrol”. Ed helped develop a hit called “Little Things” for One Direction.

In June 2014, another disc was released under the name of “x”. The album received the Brit Award and a prize from BBC Music. After the success of the disc, he made a tour during which he visited Japan, Europe, USA, and Asia.

Other than music releases, he starred in a TV series called “Shortland Street”, “Undateable” and others. After that he decided to take a break from his career, which lasted for around a year.

Relationships and love life

Ed Sheeran’s first relationship was with his classmate, whom he dated for a period of four years. So far, the journalists only know about three affairs that he was a part of during his adulthood.

Ed Sheeran’s first girlfriend was Nina Nesbitt, to whom he devoted his album “+”. Later, from 2014 and to 2015, he dated an African woman who goes by the name Athina Andrelos. For her, he composed a song called “Thinking Out Loud”.

Finally, after their breakup, Sheeran started to catch feelings for Cherry Seaborn during his creative break. In August 2018, they got engaged, and soon, after two years of marriage, their daughter was born, whom they named Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran.

As for friendships, Ed Sheeran knows Harry Styles, for whom he himself made a tattoo on Harry’s arm, Foy Vance, Rupert Grint and Taylor Swift well. As a sign of remembrance of his and Taylor’s joined concerts, he got a tattoo that spells “RED”.

Ed Sheeran right now

Ed Sheeran managed to get out of his creative break in 2016 and soon released a truly well-known single “Shape of You”. Even though originally, he was composing the piece of music for Rihanna, after it was completed, he decided to perform it himself. The song managed to get into a USA chart “Billboard Hot 100” and was first among the others in the number of sales.

For the first time in UK, two singles created by one artist, including “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill”, were on the top of the list in UK Singles Chart. In March 2017, Ed Sheeran released another disc called “÷”. Just in a single week, 670000 copies were sold. After that he was invited to star in a season of “Game of Thrones”, the protection for which was made by Maisy Williams.

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