Cuco - Caution

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Every second that I wanna do the things I wanna do
I gotta tell myself to slow it down and try to keep It coo
I just gotta disconnect myself to see it through
battle in my head that I just try to keep away from you

You know I want to know what’s been on your mind
I like to do things on your time and my time
Lately, I’ve been on the brink in the moment
Breathing too heavy to think

Small situations I tend to think over
Every extreme that I hold in my shoulders
Maybe I should start to think of enjoyment
Maybe it’s all in my head

Imma say something you’ll say something too
And if I say I love you then you goin' say it too
There’s never been a question
I prayed and you’re my blessing
I know my brain could be the reason that I’m always stressing

Mental implosion
Always in motion
I always try to keep collected like some baseball cards
But when the wind blows
I'm out the window
I always make the wrong moves when I’m out of tempo

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