Blac Youngsta - Can't Spell

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(Impossible Music Dreams Music Group)
What's up, pussy?
You lookin' at a motherfuckin' true gangsta, nigga
Rest in peace King Fish
Real king of Memphis, nigga, I stand on that
Gang-gang, gang, gang-gang

[Verse 1]
Who you lie for?
Who you rob? Who you shot for? (Who?)
Who you look out for for?
When the boy down, who you willin' to die for? (Who?)
I know plenty niggas, say they gettin' money but them niggas not us (Not us)
I know plenty bitches, say they fuckin' rich niggas but they not us (Not us)
Ho, stop lyin', talking 'bout you pregnant, ho, that was not me (No)
Ho, calm down, you gon' be alright, you just need a plan B (Ghost)
Let me tell you 'bout plan C, whole time she was playin' me (Damn)
Thinkin' with my dick, first day I met, gave that bitch plan D (Ho)
I was feelin' bad, I was tryna help her, she was on the plan E
Than I made her F, then I brought a play, so I hopped on plan G (You know how thеy go)
H, I, K, that's a hunnid rounds if you think you playin' me (Grrah)
L, M, G, rest in peacе G, tryin' a nigga LMG
Q, R, S, I want [?] a letter, pussy nigga bury me (Bitch)
T, U, V, I send my slime, come through and they cheer you (Skrr)
W, X, I'll slime you out 'fore we get to Y, Z (Baow)
I'm a real killer, I don't really tell niggas shit 'bout me (Who the fuck is you, nigga?)

Big bloody shit, they don't play 'bout me
Four hunnid shots, ain't talkin' YG
We ain't got no room, fuck in the lobby
Four pockets full, my pockets foggy
Big bloody shit, they don't play 'bout me (That's on Blood)
Four hunnid shots, ain't talkin' YG (You get slashed)
We ain't got no room, fuck in the lobby (Kill you like a stroke)
Four pockets full, my pockets foggy

[Verse 2]
Let me in, bitch ass nigga
Force my way in, stretch his [?] (Eat the Glock, bitch)
Rob you for your [?] watch
Young nigga want everything you got (Move, get a face shot)
Mafioso with his head, we count sheep, boy, we take your time
I took my trust out the streets, I only trust my God and Glock (I swear to God)
[?] to the last
'Cause they know I come solid as a rock (Why these niggas lyin'?)
I get you hit for the cheap, I swear to God you're [?] ([?] me I'm fine)
Police found him dead, they found somebody 'cause his body hot (Body)
Thought he OD's off that drank 'til they discover his body shots (Aye)
Made a promise to my brothers, I'ma make sure all your killers dead
We whacked the [?] but we want some more, it's off with they head
I'm tryna kill everybody that had somethin' to do with that, money on they head
The rap game it turned [?] before, these rap niggas scared
They askin' me, "Youngsta, what you reppin'?", I rep Heavy Camp (Youngsta, what you reppin'?)
Gun on your head soon as you diss the camp, this that heavy stamp (Gang)
Soon as I bust shots, you know they vamp, that's that heavy bounce (Gang-gang, gang, gang-gang)
Hit my bitch from the back then the lamp, that's on Heavy Camp
My killers vampires 'cause they vamp, that's on Heavy Camp
They never go home and go to sleep, that's on Heavy Camp (Gang-gang, gang-gang)
And they creep, that's on gang-gang, gang, gang-gang

Heavy Camp

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