Bartees Strange - Hold the Line

Lyrics Bartees Strange - Hold the Line. Watch the clip and listen online Bartees Strange - Hold the Line.

Hold the line, Hold the line 
There’s a whole world of people wanna be where you’re going right now, 
See that babe, see that child, 
can’t imagine what’s flying through her young mind now. 
Again, you’ve taken something of mine.  
You’re reaching for more than my life 
What happened to the man, with that big ol’ smile 
he’s calling to his mother now 
Take my Life, Trade in mine 
He had everything that I wish I had, I cant even lie 
There goes time, there goes time. 
And’ big Bruh wishes he could be here now. 

What Happened, is I see it’s more than a lie. 
I’ve seen this, for my whole life. 
What happened -to the man -with that big ol’ smile
I’m calling’ to my mother now. 

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